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Sunday, 2019-09-15

Early Support

Early-Support-Department Co-workers of LIFEGATE-Rehabilitation have recognized as one of the biggest problems in giving support to young people with disabilities, that furtherance-steps start only in advanced ages.

For many concerned the help comes too late in medical, social and scholastic problems. In the Palestinian areas, there is until now a lack of programs, which offer more as a medical first-care for the concerned children and families. For the coming years, LIFEGATE-Rehabilitation sees here a main task to close this gap.

Since autumn 2001, LIFEGATE-Rehabilitation offers with the Mother-Child-Club an exchange-forum for families with disabled children, in that come together weekly up to 20 mothers with their children to exchange and further education. The weekly offer directs consciously to the mothers, who carry the main-load of the education and the care of their children. A forum has originated for them which they can speak about their troubles and sorrows and in which they have one morning to disposal only for them and their children.